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Are you interested in making the transition to a career in travel consulting? Or are you a veteran "road warrior" consultant looking for the best firm to work with? Blue Horseshoe founder Jim Clark devoted decades of his career to fulltime travel consulting, and has helped many hundreds of consultants make that transition
If you're ready to get started, Blue Horseshoe is here to help:
Connect with Blue Horseshoe founder Jim Clark.
Connect with Jim Clark on LinkedIn
Send your résumé to Blue Horseshoe founder Jim Clark, so we can review your background, provide advice on how best to present yourself to the market, and add you to our candidate database.
Send your résumé to Jim Clark.
Blue Horseshoe engages consultants through hourly W-2 and independent contractor (1099) arrangements - we're flexible to best meet each consultant's needs.
Blue Horseshoe can make your transition to travel consulting easier by directly arranging and paying for your air travel and hotel accommodations during your assignment.
And Blue Horseshoe makes time and expense reporting, as well as getting paid, a breeze with very straightforward systems and weekly electronic payment for both professional fees and project expenses.

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